About gr8 grammar

NBD, J2LYK, this blog is our 02 on txt abbr n product names 4 u 2 C n LOL 4ever!

2 responses to “About gr8 grammar

  1. Paul J Scott

    The word ‘alot’, is one word. It means ‘ many’. A lot , is a collection of something, or a place you build a house. Lot ‘ is a noun , meaning a place, a sand lot, a parking lot. Lot- as a pronoun means’ group,a certain number of items or people.
    I fail to see how two words have one definition when used together. I am sure that you can give me other examples of this phenomena, but alas, two wrongs do not make a right. This grammatical rule is confusing.Has it always been so?

  2. Either you mean these phenomena, or you mean this phenomenon. Please make up your mind and remember the proper usage next time you post on gr8 grammar.

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